Fall and Thanksgiving came and went and boy do I have lots to be thankful for this year!  I have been blessed abundantly by my community group and their daily support and prayer, my family and I had (mostly) a blast planning the wedding, I married the love of my life, had an unforgettable wedding (where I felt so beautiful in a gown I wish I could wear daily and happy and loved by all our friends and family and by my now HUSBAND -- eep!), took an amazing honeymoon to revel in the beauty of marriage and the ocean and adventure in Belize, we adopted a sweet 7 month old border collie name Jetta Belle after anxiously wanting a dog for months - maybe longer - and have been blessed by her daily even in our struggles with obedience and puppydom, our families love one another and encourage us in our marriage often, and we're coming up on a time to praise our Savior and a loving God for sending his Son to rescue us!  Obviously the list of things I am thankful triples the list provided EASILY, but for times sake those are some of the highlights.

Our families shared a beautiful Thanksgiving festivus at Mama and Papa Nabors' lake house!  Boy was it beautiful!  I woke up to leaves falling, a crisp morning, and a beautiful lake view.  Heaven surely has beautiful lake views like this one.  OH!  I forgot to mention my scare on Thanksgiving morning! 

Jetta Belle, our lake swimming machine had again gone swimming (DUH) first thing in the morning, so she was obviously banished outside until she was dry (which is not often at the lake), but after a while I thought, "hmm.. surely she must be dry by now... right?  I want to snuggle with my Moosebreath."  (don't be alarmed... we frequently call Jetta Belle moosebreath.  It's a Nabors thing I'm now privy to as I am a said Nabors.) ;)  Anyway, I go outside looking for Jetta, and can't find her anywhere.  Ry's sister had been outside reading on the hammock so I asked her if she had seen JB.  She hadn't in a while, so I tried to conceal my panic and called for her.  Nothing.  I ran inside to get my shoes on and Mama Nabors asked if I had found her.  When I replied "no", she hopped on her 4 wheeler and went down the road calling for Jetta.  I ran upstairs, put on my shoes, alerted a sleeping Ryan husband that our hound was missing to which he was not concerned, said, "she's fine, babe", and continued sleeping, and as I was backing out the car down the driveway Mama Nabors zipped up, calling off the search and letting me know she had gone walking with her parent's, my new Ma and Pa.  Ahhh, what a relief!  But gah.. this was with a dog!  What happens when it's a kiddo?  SCARY STUFF RIGHT THERE.

When Ma and Pa returned they said Jetta Belle did great on her walk for not be leashed, and listened and obeyed what they called to her.  Smart girl. :)  They said by the time they realized she had followed them out of the yard they were a pretty good distance from the house so they just kept going.  Darn near sent me into heart attack mode, but I'm glad JB was a good girl for them. *phew*
Now that Thanksgiving is over I officially feel ready for the Christmas holiday, minus the Texas weather which isn't consistent for more than 24 hours.  We wore shorts and flip flops on Thanksgiving day, only to bundle up with layers the next day at Six Flag's Holiday in the Park.  This time of year is so cheerful!  Most people are happy and friendly and thankful for family and friends and life.  I love the positive outlooks that are usually present during this time of year!

As for the Newly Nabors, I don't know exactly what Christmas will look for us this year, and I'm kind of anxious about it!  I know our families are incredibly understanding and will ease the pressure of splitting time between the two families, but I don't want anyone to feel slighted.  Ry, of course, thinks I'm already stressing over nothing, but come on ladies, anyone that's a newlywed has felt this the first year right?  I can be thankful our families are both in the same city and it is feasible to celebrate with them both, but it'll be a hard adjustment without a doubt.  I want Ry and I to enjoy the time we spend with each family where it feels like Christmas to both of us, and not as though anything was missed.  Now I'm just rambling, but it is something we probably need to figure out sooner rather than later.

My favorite part about this time of year is the gift giving, and no I don't mean I love getting gifts, I love the joy I feel of giving them.  It's fun for me to go out and find a thoughtful gift for those I love.  Yes, sometimes it can be stressful, if I can't find something perfect for someone, but I love watching people open gifts and know what they're getting isn't just something totally random, but there was some thought behind it.  I especially love shopping for Ryan, my Mom, and little sister, Twink.  My mom and I have pretty similar taste and I know her so well it's so fun to shop for her!  I love surprising Ryan with something he would never have asked for, though I'm feeling the heat of that this year since I'm not totally sure what I want to get him yet.  And as for Twink, she's just fun to shop for! :)  LOVE IT!

May your days be merry and bright!

Until next time,
The Newly Nabors

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