Fall and Thanksgiving came and went and boy do I have lots to be thankful for this year!  I have been blessed abundantly by my community group and their daily support and prayer, my family and I had (mostly) a blast planning the wedding, I married the love of my life, had an unforgettable wedding (where I felt so beautiful in a gown I wish I could wear daily and happy and loved by all our friends and family and by my now HUSBAND -- eep!), took an amazing honeymoon to revel in the beauty of marriage and the ocean and adventure in Belize, we adopted a sweet 7 month old border collie name Jetta Belle after anxiously wanting a dog for months - maybe longer - and have been blessed by her daily even in our struggles with obedience and puppydom, our families love one another and encourage us in our marriage often, and we're coming up on a time to praise our Savior and a loving God for sending his Son to rescue us!  Obviously the list of things I am thankful triples the list provided EASILY, but for times sake those are some of the highlights.

Our families shared a beautiful Thanksgiving festivus at Mama and Papa Nabors' lake house!  Boy was it beautiful!  I woke up to leaves falling, a crisp morning, and a beautiful lake view.  Heaven surely has beautiful lake views like this one.  OH!  I forgot to mention my scare on Thanksgiving morning! 

Jetta Belle, our lake swimming machine had again gone swimming (DUH) first thing in the morning, so she was obviously banished outside until she was dry (which is not often at the lake), but after a while I thought, "hmm.. surely she must be dry by now... right?  I want to snuggle with my Moosebreath."  (don't be alarmed... we frequently call Jetta Belle moosebreath.  It's a Nabors thing I'm now privy to as I am a said Nabors.) ;)  Anyway, I go outside looking for Jetta, and can't find her anywhere.  Ry's sister had been outside reading on the hammock so I asked her if she had seen JB.  She hadn't in a while, so I tried to conceal my panic and called for her.  Nothing.  I ran inside to get my shoes on and Mama Nabors asked if I had found her.  When I replied "no", she hopped on her 4 wheeler and went down the road calling for Jetta.  I ran upstairs, put on my shoes, alerted a sleeping Ryan husband that our hound was missing to which he was not concerned, said, "she's fine, babe", and continued sleeping, and as I was backing out the car down the driveway Mama Nabors zipped up, calling off the search and letting me know she had gone walking with her parent's, my new Ma and Pa.  Ahhh, what a relief!  But gah.. this was with a dog!  What happens when it's a kiddo?  SCARY STUFF RIGHT THERE.

When Ma and Pa returned they said Jetta Belle did great on her walk for not be leashed, and listened and obeyed what they called to her.  Smart girl. :)  They said by the time they realized she had followed them out of the yard they were a pretty good distance from the house so they just kept going.  Darn near sent me into heart attack mode, but I'm glad JB was a good girl for them. *phew*
Now that Thanksgiving is over I officially feel ready for the Christmas holiday, minus the Texas weather which isn't consistent for more than 24 hours.  We wore shorts and flip flops on Thanksgiving day, only to bundle up with layers the next day at Six Flag's Holiday in the Park.  This time of year is so cheerful!  Most people are happy and friendly and thankful for family and friends and life.  I love the positive outlooks that are usually present during this time of year!

As for the Newly Nabors, I don't know exactly what Christmas will look for us this year, and I'm kind of anxious about it!  I know our families are incredibly understanding and will ease the pressure of splitting time between the two families, but I don't want anyone to feel slighted.  Ry, of course, thinks I'm already stressing over nothing, but come on ladies, anyone that's a newlywed has felt this the first year right?  I can be thankful our families are both in the same city and it is feasible to celebrate with them both, but it'll be a hard adjustment without a doubt.  I want Ry and I to enjoy the time we spend with each family where it feels like Christmas to both of us, and not as though anything was missed.  Now I'm just rambling, but it is something we probably need to figure out sooner rather than later.

My favorite part about this time of year is the gift giving, and no I don't mean I love getting gifts, I love the joy I feel of giving them.  It's fun for me to go out and find a thoughtful gift for those I love.  Yes, sometimes it can be stressful, if I can't find something perfect for someone, but I love watching people open gifts and know what they're getting isn't just something totally random, but there was some thought behind it.  I especially love shopping for Ryan, my Mom, and little sister, Twink.  My mom and I have pretty similar taste and I know her so well it's so fun to shop for her!  I love surprising Ryan with something he would never have asked for, though I'm feeling the heat of that this year since I'm not totally sure what I want to get him yet.  And as for Twink, she's just fun to shop for! :)  LOVE IT!

May your days be merry and bright!

Until next time,
The Newly Nabors

Call Me Mrs. Meatloaf

So, I may be over exaggerating a little bit, but you have to know that's not uncommon, but making dinner has made me feel so wifey lately.  I love making food and having it ready for us for dinner!  I'm not talking spaghetti, or breakfast for dinner either, though I am a pro at breakfast for dinner, Ry asked me to venture out of the 5 or 6 dishes I feel comfortable making and have made for him before. :)

I totally understand and have actually enjoyed trying new things despite the initial fear of things not going well at all.  Ryan has been with me through some of those moments I am afraid to say.  It's usually a result of the timing that I have a hard time with.  My mom always told me that was the hardest part of cooking.  She wasn't lying!

The first two new dishes I tried were made in the crock pot, and since they cooked all day on low I wasn't super worried about the time!  I made Taco Soup from a recipe I got from one of my shower's from my biking buddy, Llora!  BOY WAS IT GOOD!  IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! 

The second thing I made in the crock pot was Butternut Squash Soup.  It was really good too and super easy to make.  Ryan peeled, scooped the insides out, and cubed the butternut squash the night before while I sauteed some chopped white onion.  The next morning I put the cube butternut squash, the sauteed onions, 4 chicken bouillon cubes, a cup of water, dried marjoram, black pepper, and cayenne and let it cook all day while I was at work.  When I got home I took 1/2 the mixture and blended it until it was smooth, then the other.  I then added 8 oz of cream cheese and mixed it well with a whisk!  It's savory and sweet and SOOO good.  It didn't make that much, so I made grilled turkey and cheeses for Ryan and I to pair with our soup.  Because it's thick and savory it's pretty filling, so we probably didn't need the grilled sandwiches, but they were good too and I had already made them.  I recommend it, unless you're a texture person, then you probably won't like it very much.  MamaMcD is that way so when she tried it she nearly spit it out.  (I promise it wasn't because it didn't taste good.  In her defense, she doesn't like butternut squash and she didn't like the texture.)

Lastly, I made The Pioneer Woman's meatloaf.  It's homemade, and topped with bacon.  I've tried to make it before, but it didn't cook all the way through.  I was a little hesitant to make it again, especially since I had invited Mama and Papa McD over for dinner, and fear my husband would give me grief like the college noddle incident.  I paired that with homemade macaroni and cheese which I used a little too much dried onion on, but turned out good regardless.  Thankfully, the meatloaf cooked all the way through and was moist and delicious!  Ryan loved it, exclaimed it was one of the best meatloaves he's ever had, and I was redeemed from my college noodle experience. (I once turned noodles back to dough because I left them sitting in the pot too long -- again, I blame the timing!  Ry never lets me live that down.)  Maybe now he will. :)

I need to look through some more recipies and try some more things.  I'll let you know how they go!  Hopefully, they'll all be as fantastic as the meatloaf experience.

Until next time,
The Newly Nabors

Jetta Nabors, our beautiful Border Collie Baby

Ryan and I have wanted a dog since I can possibly remember.  In college, it didn't seem fair to have a dog and we were still new at being a couple.  When we graduated, we decided a border collie was in our future because it was surely the perfect breed for us.  They're athletic, full of energy, incredibly smart, affectionate, and did I mention athletic?  Plus, they're beautiful and a perfect size which is just icing on the cake.  We couldn't get one because we both lived separately at home and neither of the parents would agree to it much to my trying to convince Mama and Papa McD it was a good idea.  I would look and look and send Ryan puppy listing after listing, but Ry held firmly to his position that we couldn't get one yet.  Even when we got engaged I sent him pictures thinking he might go for it, but nope.

Since we knew we wanted to a border collie eventually I had been searching for breed specific rescue sites and stumbled onto the Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue in Terrell, TX a few months ago.  I would frequently check and see sweet pups be posted and go, sending them probably every couple of weeks to Ryan.  Every single one was adorable and just what we needed! I would explain to Ryan trying to make a case for why we needed to get one pronto, but he didn't bite, until the day I found Belle about 2 weeks before the wedding. 

Belle was a beautiful 7 month old potty trained, crate trained, playful girl who's cover picture melted my heart with her little toungue sticking out saying to me, "take me home!!!"  When I opened the link to see more about her a picture of her standing in a pool of water sealed the deal for me.  Ryan and I specifically wanted a dog who was a fan of the water since we want to take her everywhere, especially to Mama and Papa Nabors' lakehouse.  Sure enough, I sent the link to Ryan, pitched why she was perfectly suited for us (cue water picture) and how he should let me apply to her.  "She does seem pretty perfect," was the text I got back from Ryan.  "So, I can apply for her?", I said.  "Sure, but you need to let them know we're getting married and can't take her for about 3 weeks."  "Done."  So, I applied that day pitching the same pitch I had given to Ryan as to why she was a perfect addition for our newly Nabors family.  I got an email response back saying, "Belle is still available.  Please contact us when you are closer to being ready to adopt."  Not going to lie, I was pretty crushed because I thought our perfect dog would get snatched up while we were honeymooning.  Ryan said if it was meant to be, she would still be there when we got back.

And I guess the rest is history, since we contacted the Rescue when we returned and met our baby this past Sunday.  It was an instant hit and we were ready to take her home immediately!  She ran right up to us when she saw us and was so friendly.  We filled out the paperwork and paid the "donation" fee and were on our way home with our sweet Belle, which we had already talked about renaming Jetta.  We didn't feel badly about renaming her since she didn't seem to really know her name.  She hated the car, and is still not too keen on it, but is gradually hating it a little less every time.  Ryan is really good with her with her too.  :)

Since Sunday, we've had quite an adventure with her.  Sunday night she woke us up at 4:45 am whining because we put her in her crate and she was not pleased.  She then stayed up for an hour and a half when I finally got up at 6:30 to play with her.  I thought I might kill her, especially when she tried to chew my Coach purse, but Ryan convinced me it would get better.  Monday night we took her to Mama and Papa McD's house, to which Mama McD said, "she was invited over anytime!", which is a big deal if you know Mama McD.  Our family german pointer, Max, who's a little crazy, smothered her and she was a little intimidated and went inside.  Ryan let her sleep in our room on the floor and she made it all the way through the night!  She did try to eat my towel, my skirt, and my sweater while they were still on me.  And she constantly steals my underwear and tries to eat it.  I'm sure it's just a phase and I will need to be patient.

Yesterday we took her to Mama and Papa Nabors' house to meet her cousin Emma, who instantly hit it off, and Aunts Silby and Quelle, who weren't really too fond of her - Silby, because she was convinced Jetta only wanted to steal her ball, and Quelle because she's cranky and old and Jetta has way to much energy for her taste.  Jetta does, in fact, love the water and was so curious around the pool.  We're not sure if she's ever seen a pool or if she's just had her kiddy pool to play in, but she splashed around the top step and layed down in it.  So stinking cute.  Heart melted, people.  I dried her off 3 or 4 times, but I should have just waited because as soon as I did she was back in the water.  Little mongrel, but oh such a sweet baby.

All in all, we love her and miss her when we're away from her.  She is so sweet and loving and a stud.
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